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Annie's Manchester
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5 Old Bank Street, Manchester, M2 7PE [map]
Traditional British restaurant from Coronation Street actress Jenny McAlpine (Fizz), serving many Mancunian dishes
Annies Manchester

Annie's Restaurant Manchester ~ overall readers' reviews
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5 stars
most popular dish: 6oz Fillet Eye Steak (£19.95)

Annie's Manchester ~ members' reviews
"The food at Annie's was out of this world and prices were good value for money with the price of drinks what you would expect to pay in the town centre. All the staff made you feel welcome as soon as you entered the room. The waiter, Ben, was absolutely amazing. He made my Mum's 60th birthday surprise a great day to remember. All the staff worked very hard, even when there was a fire alarm evacuation and they made everyone feel safe and looked after." - tracey, manchester - NEW MEMBER (8/10/13 visited on a sunday lunch)

"Annie's is a very good Manchester city centre restaurant. The prices were more than fine - you could, within a few minutes walk from Annie's, find yourself paying another 10% or 20%. The decor is calming and relaxing and the food was seriously delicious - well cooked, well presented and plenty to choose from on the menu. For me service is the most important element - the food can be wonderful, the décor tip top but without great service then everything else is insignificant. At Annie's the service was incredibly friendly and efficient. In my professional life I book restaurants all over the UK with clients everyday and when it comes to personal dining with family and friends it's not about how many stars a restaurant has or how few peas on the plate, yet still manage to charge a fortune. For me it's where I can go and relax and not feel looked down on but welcomed. So now I have added Annie's to my favourites list. They have managed to get it right in all aspects - so whether for Morning Coffee, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner do try it and I'm sure you will agree with me" - nick wagg, macclesfield - Member since May 2011 (1/8/13 visited on a friday evening)

Trusted Reviewer "I've visited Annie's a few times now but never got round to submitting a review - largely down to the fact that I've been left disappointed with different aspects each time and have wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt (one of the reasons I keep revisiting). Take away the fact this is a celebrity owned restaurant - and you're very likely to bump into Jennie 'Fizz ' McAlpine as she often helps out working here alongside her boyfriend and his father - this is potentially one of Manchester's best restaurants. I say 'potentially', as they have been so inconsistent on my visits it just needs more attention to detail.

The menu is proudly Mancunian and there's even Rovers Return favourites in there like Hot Pot or Chocolate Fizz Bomb. Every time I've visited I've found it hard to choose just one dish there's so many tempting ones on the menu. All in all, the food has been very good and beautifully presented, although slightly overpriced - £13.95 for Fish & Chips or £11.95 for Steak & Kidney Pudding seems steep. That said, those prices are still a pound or two cheaper than the famous chop houses around the corner.

For me, Annie's has been let down by the inconsistent service and lack of atmosphere, which is not helped by the cavaneous deisgn of the building and unused bar at ground level, which gives a rather off putting "we're not open for business" look to passers by, who would have no clue that a beautiful restaurant lies underneath. On three of my visits so far, the forever looped Michael Buble CD has come to an end and it's been a good half hour of silence before the manager has realised and hit the play button again - it's killed the ambience each time and is very noticeable, especially when it's happened to you twice before.

That aside, service is generally very friendly although the manager watching over (possibly new) waitresses like a hawk is off putting to both diners and presumably the waitress. When there are tables with empty glasses or finished plates, it seems like attention to detail comes second over attention to staff. And that leads me on to why, after my last visit, I've finally got round to posting a review and probably will not return for a long time. After finishing our main courses - which ranged from a disappointing pie (that isn't a pie) to an excellent chicken dish by the way - our dirty plates and empty glasses were left in front of us for exactly 58 minutes before somebody returned to ask "can I get you a drink?" (I know the exact timings as I'd sent a text just after finishing the meal, and thereafter we sat watching the clock). I admit, normally we would have kicked up a fuss had we been in a rush, and not, as we decided to do, started taking bets on how long it would be before they realised we'd been neglected. Either way, almost a full hour to not spot we had empty glasses and dirty plates was disgraceful. Especially, given the fact we were in the middle of the room and there was only four other tables occupied.

With that in mind, and the other minor niggles from previous visits, I can only recommend Annie's on the hope that your visits are better than mine. The food is generally great, certainly one of the best reflections of Mancunian dishes in the city centre, the prices are OK, you're likely to bump into stars from Corrie, and the decor is quirky - I especially love the bowler hat lampshades and classic Manchester theatre posters - however the service needs to be just more than friendly to put this into my favourite restaurants in Manchester, which is a real shame." - matthew, manchester - TRUSTED REVIEWER (25/6/13 ~ visited on a Tuesday evening)

"very Mancunian'
"slightly expensive"
"lacks attention"
"lacks atmosphere"

"Annie's is a very cosy intimate restaurant, a nice place to be. Tasty dishes, well presented and filling, reasonable and not pricey. the waiter and the hosts made our visit very special. So, so friendly. Jennie was also very good at checking if everything was OK and of course was great to have her photo taken with us. We will definitely return to this restaurant... I must take the kids!" - anthony eastham, manchester - NEW MEMBER (22/6/13 visited on a tuesday evening)

"The meal at Annie's was excellent. My friends and I all had different dishes and we all enjoyed it immensely. The Manchester Tart was to die for! The service was great, friendly and attentive. We will definitely be returning." - sarah urie, manchester - NEW MEMBER (19/5/13 visited on a saturday afternoon)

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