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Spicy Mint Rusholme
Tel: 0872 437 9505 (*= Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's operating charge)
35 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 5TB [map]
Very good Rusholme curry house that specialises in sizzlers and Pakistani cuisine.
*=Calls to 0871 numbers cost up to 10p per minute from BT landlines. Other networks and mobiles will vary
Spicy Hut Restaurant Rusholme

Spicy Mint Rusholme - overall readers' reviews
most popular dish: Award Winning Chicken Handi (£7.50)

Spicy Mint Restaurant Rusholme ~ our review
The Sizzling Curry Mile Choice for Those "In The Know" - review from Sep 2007

Trusted Reviewer"Whilst there are many curry houses in Manchester, Rusholme has the biggest reputation thanks largely to the huge concentration of restaurants in such a small area. Sadly, most of these are little more than glorified fast food joints in need of a paint job, the money for which has been spent on the bright neon lights outside instead. Aimed solely at bargain hunters, students and drunken late night revellers, they do battle with offers of free drinks and poppadums. This is where Spicy Mint shines brighter than the glowing neon lights that surround it. There's no need for incentives to get you through the door, in fact prices are slightly higher than many on the Curry Mile. Focus here is aimed, rightly, on the quality of the food with curry connoisseurs and those 'in the know' quickly becoming regulars.

To start with, Spicy Mint provide good quality Indian Salad and Popadums - none of your usual Rusholme brown lettuce and soggy Pops here - and the menu card is very descriptive, detailing the exact ingredients for each dish and offering a 'Spicy guide' for curry novices, with choices of 'Very Mild', 'Mild', 'Sweet and Mild', 'Medium to Mild', 'Medium', 'Hot', 'Hot and Sour' and 'Very Hot' dishes. There's also recommendations for curry beginners (Spicy Mint's Special Corma), heart patients (Garlic & Ginger curries) and weight watchers (the Sizzlers). There's Pakistani specialities that can't be found elsewhere in town, whilst their famous Handi dishes won them National Curry Chef awards.

The staff have a great sense of humour and make you feel very welcome. They're also very helpful if you need any further assistance with the menu or dishes tailoring to your requirements. For those less-adventurous souls in your group, European dishes like Fried Scampi, Fried Chicken, Omelette and Fish Fingers can also be ordered.

Being fully licensed, there's plenty of (mainly bottled) beers to choose from with a pint of draught Cobra at £2.90. There's also a reasonable choice of wine, each bottle reasonably priced (£9.50 for Jacob's Creek Shiraz for example). The trademark Sizzling Flambees are worth the journey alone, both for taste and spectacle. On our visit we opted for a Lamb Shashlik Sizzler with Badami Passanda sauce (£9) and a Chicken Shashlik Sizzler in Spicy Mint's Special Korma sauce (£8.70). Both were cooked to absolute perfection, the process assisted by pouring alcohol over the dish at the table and then setting it alight.

The portions were extremely generous (8 large pieces of meat for both dishes) and we found ourselves unable to finish the Pilau Rice (£1.60) and Garlic & Cheese Naan bread (£2.60) we'd ordered as side dishes. As the sauces come seperately, the Sizzler's are ideal for those who are not big curry fans or for those on a diet. Talking of which, we should go on one after last night's feast!

Whilst it may not be as swanky as it's city centre rivals, the food is certainly better than most of them. As the Curry Mile can be very hit and miss, it's important to visit the right restaurant. To fit that bill, you can't get much better than Spicy Mint!" - Restaurants Of Manchester (27/9/07 ~ visited on a Weds, after 11pm)

Spicy Mint Restaurant Rusholme Manchester ~ members' reviews

Trusted Reviewer "We paid a visit to the Curry Mile last night, as we had a friend in town, and every visitor wants to see Rusholme, as part of the experience of seeing town, and I can see why, as it's unique, and is indeed an experience.

In anticipation of this visit, I looked on Restaurants Of Manchester to see which was the most suggested curry house, and the small , Spicy Mint, right at the start of the Manchester end of the curry mile, was the chosen one, and had very few bad reviews on here.

However, from the off, there was indeed nothing bad, but also, nothing particularly good either . That's the story here, as with pretty much every place on the curry mile these days. Reliant on location, not food .

We were given poppadoms and dips without ordering, which is fine, although I didn't see the bill, so I'm not sure if we were billed for these. If so, they shouldnt be given to you without being asked. If they are freebies, then that's great, and brings back the good old days of Rusholme, where everywhere did this, before the students cottoned on and started going for the free poppadoms and then leaving!

Anyway, the decor is very DIY , tidy but a tad tacky , complete with fish tank, and cheesily patterned crockery and really is a throwback to curry houses of the mid 90's . If traditional, old school Indians is what you like, then this fits the bill in terms of appearance. Personally, I find it like being in a time warp, and is semi comical.

Our starters of Chicken Shashlick and Fish Tandoori were fine, well cooked, tasty enough, and no problems at all. Nothing notable or special, but fine enough . One point is that the mushrooms in the shashlick seemed tinned, which was disappointing.

The mains of jalfrezi, samber and bhuna were a similar story. All OK but nothing to note of. My jalfrezi had a lot of peppers and onion, which was nice as a lot are just very saucy, and the fresh chillis were good aswell. The Samber was OK, but very saucy, tomatoey, and the chef clearly got carried away witih the tomato puree, to the point that it almost tasted like half Indian, and half Italian. Finally, the bhuna was nice enough, very saucy, again a just a little tomamtoey, but no real issues.

We didnt order the 'trademark' sizzlers, but saw a couple, and whilst it drawed attention, seeing your meat and veg being flambeed at your table, whilst being a novelty, surely won't really add to the flavour, and the sauces to go with it will be the same as the other curries in there. Perhaps I shouldn't comment on somthing I only saw, and didnt taste, but novelty does come to mind, a bit like the fish tank.

The whole bill for 3, including drink each, was £45, which is cheap, but no cheaper than anywhere else really . The staff were attentive, very friendly , and overall, no problems at all and a nice bunch of lads.

So, across the board, this place really is very average, like everywhere on the mile . The only reason to go to Rusholme these days, is for the experience of the Asian culture, and the bright lights, not for the food. A very average, but acceptable 3 our of 5." - Chris Handley, Salford ~ TRUSTED REVIEWER (30/8/08 ~ visited on a friday evening)

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