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Sapporo Teppanyaki
Tel: 0872 437 9501 (*= Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's operating charge)
91-93 Liverpool Road, Castlefield, Manchester, M3 4JN [map]
~ 5 mins walk to the opera house manchester ~
Amazing plush Japanese Teppanyaki and sushi restaurant in Castlefield which is ideal for large parties and celebrations
Sapporo Teppanyaki Restaurant Manchester
Sapporo Teppanyaki Restaurant Manchester - overall reader reviews
most popular dish: Chicken Teriyaki (£14.95)
Sapporo Teppanyaki Restaurant Castlefield Manchester - our review
The Best Celebration Meal In Town (Feb 2009)

Trusted Reviewer "When it comes to restaurants ideal for parties, there's nowhere better in town than Sapporo Teppanyaki. When it comes to quality fresh food that you dream about weeks afterwards, there's also nowhere better in town than Sapporo Teppanyaki! We celebrated a birthday party at the Castlefield restaurant, with 15 of us sat around the theatre style kitchen, watching the chefs entertain with both their juggling skills and sense of humour. Their amazing cooking skills almost go unnoticed with all the noise and flair of their entertaining show, which it has to be said, includes a large amount of audience participation, involving everybody on the table. And there's a great point in this - the food at Sapporo, whilst not exactly the cheapest in town, is out of this world and worthy of the visit alone, even if you're not looking for the culinary theatre.

As part of our party, we had foodies from Canada, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia. All went away purring with delight at all that was served before them. OK, the pound is so weak at the moment they probably never noticed the hefty price of the set Teppanyaki menus, but even the more Mancunian amongst us couldn't really grumble at paying £35 for 12 amazing courses on the Samurai menu. Set meals start at £28 (the Ninja) and rise to £40 (Emperor), if you have a huge appetitie, although there's plenty of individual meals on the menu for those not wanting a banquet. Yakisoba noodles start at £11.50 with main courses like Chicken Teriyaki (£14.95) generally costing less than £20. The sushi is also to die for and, for us, the best in town - the Manchester Roll (thin slices of smoked swordfish, Lancashire cheese, carrot and crab meat) are certainly worth the trip alone, and at £6.95 very good value. Compare the amazing 18 piece Special Sapporo Sushi platter (£24) to those available elsewhere in town and you'll realise how good value yet superior quality the food on offer at Sapporo is.

If the party style theatre dining is not intimate enough for you. there's also a separate restaurant area with a beautifully decorated bar and a large water wheel adding a great backdrop. Some tables even overlook the Castlefield arena with its many barges. Unless you're the type of person who begrudges paying more money for fine food, it's hard to fault Sapporo. Ever since it opened, it's consistently been in the Top 5 best restaurants in Manchester and for many, it can not be bettered anywhere in town. It's hard to argue with that!" - restaurants of manchester 21/2/09 (visited on a thurs evening)

Sapporo Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant Manchester - member's reviews

Trusted Reviewer "As somebody who seems to live my dining life around the bible that is the Restaurants Of Manchester Top 10, I was pleased to see Sapporo Teppanyaki rated as number 1, even if it is suddenly a lot busier than it used to be. I've visited on many occassions, both for birthday parties, of which Sapporo is perfect, and for more intimate meals in the sushi restaurant - they offer the best sushi in Manchester in my experience. Other than the expensive price, it has never failed to impress. Until my last visit that is.

I was entertaining a German business client and we needed a quick lunch in between meetings, so the Express Lunch at Sapporo seemed perfect. Served in the sushi and noodle bar at the back of the restaurant, overlooking the Castlefield ampitheatre, it seemed quite reasonable at 3 courses for £12 and the decor and location certainly impressed my client.

Unfortunately, the waitress used the fantastic Japanese furnishings to hide her existence and I had to get up to go and grab her attention both at the start and end of the meal. Considering we were the only people in there at first, this was inexcusable. A long wait followed before the sushi starter followed. It tasted fantastic but quality won the day over quantity and we'd almost finished it before she'd returned to hiding. The main courses were also a long wait in arriving and the Chicken Teriyaki was nice, if nothing special, and perhaps a little too dry. Unlike the starter, the portion size were big enough to satisfy my appetite, if not the price tag or 'Express' description.

By this time, a large group of solicitors were having a very loud meeting on the table next to us, and they also were growing impatient with the wait. The loudest of the group, getting up in a huff to go and demand the waitresses attention. As more of their group arrived, they offered to share their food with the latecomers, warning 'you won't be back in the office within an hour if you order your own dish', and that kind of summed up my visit. Express Lunch, it wasn't - an hour and a half is far too long for that description, and the staff certainly put the 'wait' into waitress. They could have made more money on drinks had they been more attentitve too. On this showing, I was left disappointed but Sapporo normally deserves its place in the Restaurants Of Manchester Top 10, and I'm looking forward to my next evening visit to see how it contrasts to this poor lunchtime showing." - matthew, manchester 8/6/09 - TRUSTED REVIEWER since 2006 (visited on a friday lunch)

Trusted Reviewer "This time we visited Sapporo for a family celebration - my mother's 70th - so there were 18 of us plus children. My booking had been straight-forward and the restaurant were helpful regarding issues such as balloons, somewhere safe to store presents, child requirements, etc. From start to finish it was a fun, entertaining experience and ideal for a family celebration with mixed ages - our's ranged from 18 months to 83. The chefs were fabulous and we were delighted to have the lovely San who Mr B & I know well from previous visits. Some of our guests had been a little wary of Japanese food but soon relaxed after a little help with the menu and a great time was had by all. The staff were excellent with the children, helpful and flexible with the adults and took in-meal changes to menu selections completely in their stride with good humour and a smile. Those people for whom this was a new experience were delighted with the 'entertainment', quickly entering into the spirit. The food was absolutely delicious as always - so much so that extra dishes were ordered as the meal progressed. My mother received a complimentary dessert complete with candle and 'Happy Birthday' singing accompaniment. The Duty Manager (soon to open a new Sapporo restaurant in Glasgow) was attentive throughout. The bill was accurate and I even received my Hi-Life discount! Everyone proclaimed it a great success and for those who this was a new experience it won't be their last - all are keen to return in the future. Thank you to San and his colleagues for making this a great family occasion." - melanie bryan, wigan 27/4/09 - TRUSTED REVIEWER since Sep 2008 (visited on a saturday lunch)

Trusted Reviewer "We have visited twice now and on the second occasion took the whole family and a Japanese guest. Our Japanese guest loved it! This is a fun experience more suited to a night out with friends, family or colleagues than a romantic dinner. You will be seated around a cooking station and therefore often next to other people. The chefs are great fun and have a number of tricks and games that you'll get involved in - not for the shy! The place is beautifully decorated with original Japanese artifacts. But it's the food that really shines. The sushi is excellent and the main courses consistently good. We highly recommend the Beef Teryaki which is superb. Portions are large, so do share (they expect you to). One that we'll keep taking people to" - melanie bryan, wigan 14/4/08 (visited on a sunday afternoon)


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