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Rusholme Curry Miile Restaurants - Mughli Manchester
Restaurants in Rusholme ~ The Curry Mile

The Curry Mile in Manchester is world famous thanks largely to the sheer number of bright neon-lit Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian restaurants, takeaways and Shisha lounges..

Located along Wilmslow Road in Rusholme, just two miles south of the city centre, the area comes to life late at night with many restaurants staying open until 01:00 or 02:00 (even later at weekends), making them particularly popular with students and party goers.

With a mixture of award-winning restaurants and fast food curry houses, The Curry Mile is the ideal place to start or end your evening.

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Rusholme  Indian restaurants in Manchester

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Key: 5 stars = World Class!   4 stars = Fantastic   3 stars = Good   2 stars = OK   1 star = Poor
Cost of meal for 2 with wine = Average cost of 3 course a la carte dinner for 2 people + service charge
Michelin Star = Michelin Stars Awarded   Michelin Plate = Michelin "Good Meal" Plate
AA Rosette = AA Rosettes Awarded  The Good Food Guide Score = The Good Food Guide Score
available to book online = Available to book online

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Other Rusholme Restaurants ~ The Curry Mile
KEY:   5 stars = World Class!
4 stars = Fantastic    3.5 stars = Very Good
3 stars = Good   2 stars = OK    1 star = Poor
Afghan Afghan Cuisine ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
Turkish Al Jazeera Restaurant ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
Turkish Al Shamyat ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
Turkish Antalya Cafe ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
Turkish Aura Lounge ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
African Beilulrestaurant ~ Rusholme No reviews
Indian Chit 'n' Chaat ~ Rusholme No reviews
Mexican Don Tacos ~ Rusholme No reviews
Lebanese   Falafel Restaurant ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
Yeman   Hadramout ~ Rusholme Awaiting review
Turkish   Halal Kebab House ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
International Heavenly Desserts ~ Rusholme No reviews
Turkish Huqqa Lounge ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
Turkish Jaffa ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
Palestine   Jafra Restaurant ~ Rusholme Awaiting review
International Jilani’s ~ Rusholme No reviews
Indian Karaki Chaai ~ Rusholme No reviews
Kurdistan Kurdistan Restaurant ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
American Legends ~ Rusholme No reviews
Caribbean Manjaro ~ Rusholme No reviews
Turkish Marmara Lounges ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
Turkish Middle East Grill ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
International Moonlight ~ Rusholme No reviews
Turkish Movida ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
Indian Mughli ~ Rusholme
No reviews
Indian Mussarats ~ Rusholme No reviews
Pakistani MyLahore ~ Rusholme No reviews
Indian Nur Malaysia ~ Rusholme No reviews
Chinese Oodles & N’Oodles ~ Rusholme No reviews
Turkish Pasha Vibes ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
American Pitmaster ~ Rusholme No reviews
Pakistani Sanam ~ Rusholme No reviews
Indian Shere Khan ~ Rusholme No reviews
Turkish Sultanahmet ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
Turkish Ta-Mya by Pasha ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
African Toro's Steakhouse ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
Turkish Walnut Persian ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
Turkish Wanasah ~ Rusholme
Awaiting review
Indian Ziya ~ Rusholme No reviews


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