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Albert Schloss Manchester
Address27 Peter Street, Manchester M2 5QR
 Phone0161 833 4040
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Albert Schloss Reviews
Welcome to Albert's Schloss...Cook Haus, Bakery, Bier Palace and Wunderbar ~ Restaurants Of Manchester (Apr 2020)

Breakfast Menu - Preview
Restaurants Of Manchester (Monday 19th December 2022)

Albert Schloss - Breakfast Preview December 22 Albert Schloss - Breakfast Preview December 22
Albert Schloss - Breakfast Menu Albert Schloss - Breakfast Selection
Everybody loves a bit of Albert’s Schloss; the now Manchester institution of good times and tank beer, that since its launch in our city has also blossomed in major cities across the land.  A few months back, a friend in Birmingham got a bit giddy when telling me about a great new place in town next to his office.  I felt more than a tad smug when telling him to catch up, and that Manchester got the original one so had beaten Brum to the punch by a fair few years on this one.  Anyway. 

Hot on the heels of our Christmas trip to Munich last week, we were keen to get an extended taste of Germany, so jumped at an invitation to sample the new Albert’s Schloss breakfast menu, with much festive cheer.

As ever, no matter which time of day or night you visit, it’s a stunning space with that open fire, palatial ceilings and beer tanks greeting you on entry.  It’s just a lovely place to be and gets you right into the Alpine mood.  We were promptly sat down in a cosy corner by our lovely server.
Albert Schloss - Breakfast Preview December 22 Albert Schloss - Breakfast Preview December 22
Albert Schloss - Espresso Martini Albert Schloss - Garibaldi
It seemed only appropriate to start with a couple of cocktails, so with it being breakfast the Espresso Martini (£8) was a given.  Well balanced bitterness and sweetness, with a boozy hit, topped with crema/foam. 

Garibaldi (£5) was an alcoholic play on a breakfast juice.  Clearly this was more fun than a glass of OJ though, due that added Campari.  The menu describes the cocktails are ‘Liveners’, which I couldn’t have put better myself.
Albert Schloss - Breakfast Preview December 22 Albert Schloss - Breakfast Preview December 22
Albert Schloss - Kroissant Royale Albert Schloss - Spicy Mushroom Royale
Onto the food choices; Kroissant Royale (£9) was a taste and textural sensation.  Crispy haus croissant, topped with some caramelised onions, a soft fried egg for that all import ooze, some Gouda and my choice of topping, a cross sliced Bratwurst.  Specifically, it was a Weisswurst or white sausage, as traditionally served before 11am in Bavaria. Some Currywurst inspired sauce completed the plate.  It’s even prettier and more delicious in real life than the photo suggests. 

Spicy Mushroom Royale (£8) was a chilli laden start to the day and promptly woke us up.  Haus pide bread, with chilli and molasses roasted oyster mushrooms, and 2 perfectly poached eggs.  Not just any eggs either, but Burford Browns, so great quality produce is on show across the menu.  A whole gravy boat of Hollandaise came on the side, although a ramekin would have sufficed in all honesty.  A hugely enjoyable start to the day. It was lovely to see an alternative vegetarian breakfast dish on the menu, rather than just avo on toast, which by the way Albert Schloss also offer. But options are good!
Albert Schloss - Breakfast Preview December 22 Albert Schloss - Breakfast Preview December 22
Albert Schloss - Cappuccino Albert Schloss - Vanilla Blossom
We ordered a couple of cuppas and haus made pastries (From £4 each) before heading off to do some Christmas shopping.  A well-crafted Cappuccino and also a vibrant mint tea, which paired well with our pasty choices; a Vanilla Blossom which looked superbly Alpine, with its snow-esque icing sugar dusting.

The Toffee Vodka Croissant was particularly indulgent.  Great lamination on the pastry itself, ideally baked to give textbook colour and crisp on the outside, yet still soft within, topped with a drizzle of icing to tease that all import filling; a sumptuously silky toffee vodka sauce.

Get down to Albert’s Schloss for their new Breakfast menu, and an indulgent start to the day.
Albert Schloss - Breakfast Preview December 22 Albert Schloss - Breakfast Preview December 22
Albert Schloss - Toffee Vodka Croissant Albert Schloss - Toffee Vodka Croissant Filling

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