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AddressGround Floor, 36 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BT
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Masons Restaurant Bar Summer Menu Preview
Restaurants Of Manchester (Friday 26th July 2019)
Masons Restaurant Bar - Summer Menu Preview Masons Restaurant Bar - Summer Menu Preview

Since it's Summer, Masons have launched a few new seasonal menu items, ready for the sun, if itself decides to make a launch.  We were invited down for a taste of what you can expect, so here's what we thought!
Masons Restaurant Bar - Summer Menu Preview

As we gazed over the menu, debating which of the new appearances to sample, the Gin Trolley appeared at our table.  That's not a typo.  The Gin Trolley.  Now when it comes to dining rooms, generally anything served on a trolley is instantly brilliant.  Cheese.  Bread.  Puddings.  Table side cooking.  But a Gin Trolley is a new one to us. 

Your server establishes a bit about your gin tastes, and then constructs a bespoke gin serve, using an array of gins, premium tonics, and a selection of tied-in botanicals.  These perfect serves cost £12 per creation, and are worth every penny for the theatre and experience alone.
Masons Restaurant Bar - Summer Menu Preview

Lobster (£13), which was served as a half tail, with whole claw for some extra decadence.  It came with lemon mousseline and Summer Veg Salad, and was much brighter than the Mancunian Summer skies outside.
Masons Restaurant Bar - Summer Menu Preview

Tuna Tartare (£9) was served in a glass, with the rich tuna pairing well with lightly dressed salad, and some textural pop from pomegranate seeds, finished with a novel introduction of sliced almonds, for an extra dimension.  Light and summery, as hoped.
Masons Restaurant Bar - Summer Menu Preview

Summer Chicken (£17) was Summer on a plate. Perfectly cooked, juicy chicken, served with crispy skin, still on. As it should be.  Garnish was a fresh serving of minted peas, and lovely charred Pak Choi.  This was well partnered with a glass of zesty Parlez-Vous Picpoul de Pinet (£9/250ml).
Masons Restaurant Bar - Summer Menu Preview

Sea Bass (£20) was novelly served as a whole fish, only butterflied rather than filleted.  Tender, soft, perfectly cooked flakes of fish, with some lovely aioli filled fondant potatoes, seasonal greens, garlic, herb and caper berry dressing.  The obligatory wine match for this dish was a textbook aromatic Kiwi, Turtle Bay Sauvignon Blanc (£8.50/250ml).
Masons Restaurant Bar - Summer Menu Preview

White Chocolate Marquise (£7) was another light and suitably Summery affair.  A white chocolate dome, with lovely smooth texture and a prettily garnished plate, all balanced with some lovely lemon balm acidity. Chocolate and yet lightness.  Everyone's a winner.
Masons Restaurant Bar - Summer Menu Preview

Cheesecake (£7) with Olde English Peach was served 'deconstructed'.  A crumble and poached peach bottom, topped with a creamy cheesecake element and some meringue feathers.  An ideal way to finish up.
Masons Restaurant Bar - Summer Menu Preview

So, the new Summer menu is a hit, as is that Gin Trolley!  You can't miss it, and we were left wondering how it hadn’t somehow been wheeled into our lives way earlier.
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