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Tast Restaurant Manchester
Tast Manchester
Address20 - 22 King St, Manchester, M2 6AG
HoursRESTAURANT: Thur - Fri: 12:00 - 13:00 & 17:00 - 22:00 
Sat : 12:00 - 22:00

HoursBAR & TERRACE: Tue - Wed: 12:00 - 21:00
Thu - Sat : 12:00 - 22:00 | Sun:12:00 - 21:00

Tast Restaurant Manchester Tast Restaurant Manchester
Tast Restaurant Manchester
Tast Manchester
Tast Cuina Catalana is the taste of Catalonia led by Head Chef Julià Castello and Executive Chef Paco Pérez, a master and ambassador of Catalan gastronomy, with seven operating restaurants and five Michelin Stars (2 Michelin Star Miramar in Llançà, 2 Michelin Star Enoteca in Barcelona, and Michelin Star Cinco in Berlin)

The King Street restaurant aims to share unique and unexpected flavours.

These surprises come in the form of Tastets, which are small tastes of food, more complex than tapas yet smaller than an average plate.
Tast Restaurant Manchester
The Castells are a cultural phenomenon from Catalonia, which consist of erecting human towers; a tradition originated at the end of the 18th century in Valls, Tarragona.

Tast have taken inspiration from these human towers and have named their three floors after the three levels of the Castells.

Every floor in the restaurant represents the supporting base, the strong core and the culmination of the culinary experience on offer.
Tast Restaurant Manchester Tast Restaurant Manchester
Tast Restaurant Manchester
Firstly, Pinya is the bar and ground floor, where guests can enjoy a light lunch or a casual dinner.

It is a chance for Mancunians to get a feeling of being in Barcelona.

Here you can enjoy Small Bites, Charcuterie and Tastets from the Bar Menu.
Tast Restaurant Manchester Tast Restaurant Manchester
Tast Restaurant Manchester
Just right on top of it, Folre is the main restaurant and the heart of Tast.

Here you can also enjoy the Tast Experience Menu
Tast Restaurant Manchester Tast Restaurant Manchester
Tast Restaurant Manchester
Then there’s Enxaneta: the top floor where a fine dining, gastronomic experience takes place.

Enxaneta takes you on a culinary adventure across Catalonia, on a journey for the senses, with premium food pairings in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Executive Chef Paco Pérez has created two wonderful seasonal tasting menus that will take you to reminisce Catalonia's best flavours and scents from the city to the forests, from the sea to the mountains.

Whichever floor and dining experience you choose, you will feel right at Paco's home.
Tast Restaurant Manchester Tast Restaurant Manchester
Tast Special Offers & Events
Tast Restaurant Manchester

Christmas 2021 at Tast
Menu Nadal £55
Menu Festiu £75

Join Tast this festive season for a taste of Barcelona in Manchester.

Tast have created two festive menus to choose from:

Menu Nadal - An authentic experience of what Christmas in Barcelona feels and tastes like.
Traditional festive dishes with a Paco Pérez twist for £55 per person

Menu Festiu - A broader selection of Paco Perez' own take on the traditional dishes that best represent Christmas in Barcelona.
A festive journey through the most authentic flavours for £75 per person

HoursAvailable 1st - 30th December

Book onlineBOOK ONLINE or call  Phone0161 806 0547 quoting
"Christmas as seen on Restaurants of Manchester"

Annies Manchester

Tast Online Shop
Cocktail Kits
Gift Vouchers

Tast & Enxaneta have re-launch their Online Shop and have available a new selection of Charcuterie, Cocktail Kits, Wine and Gift Vouchers!

Their goal is to bring all the best from Barcelona to Manchester!

HoursAvailable for Collection & Delivery

Tast Restaurant Manchester

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